Rent Guarantee Scheme for Landlords in Slough and Windsor

Our rent guarantee scheme offers landlords in Slough and Windsor complete peace of mind whilst letting your property, with no voids, rent arrears, or upfront administration costs. Call 01753 529555 today for more information and to get started.

What is guaranteed rent?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. We guarantee you a set amount of rental income every month, regardless of whether your property is full or empty.

There is no cost for this service. No monthly management fees or charges for tenant referencing. There is also no extra work for you, as we deal with everything from tenanting your property to handling late-night phone calls about leaky taps. You would forget you even owned a portfolio if it wasn’t for the rental income entering your account each month.

Why use us?

Other than the fact that you’ll never have to worry about rental income or management costs again, we’re a dedicated team who understands the local property market. More importantly, we understand local tenants. We know how to find the right ones who will treat your property like it is their own.

Many landlords are enticed in by the competitive rates of local agents. However, they soon find that their rental income is absorbed by extra costs, like referencing, tenancy agreements and deposit registration fees.

Letting agents typically charge around 8 -10% commission, but we don’t charge you a single penny. Our payment comes directly from your tenants’ rent. This maximises your rental income and gives you more money each month without you ever having to worry about a void period.

What we guarantee

  • Full rent paid on time, every month, regardless of circumstances
  • No setup charges
  • 2/3/5 year lease (subject to rental valuation, location and market conditions)
  • 0% commission for our lettings and management service
  • Full vacant possession upon return of the property
  • A dedicated letting and housing management team that understands the local area
  • A completely passive management experience with no time or energy needed from you
  • The property is returned in the same condition it was given to us in

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